AktiVax Inc.

Our goal is to support our pharmaceutical partners’ innovation, help them address unmet needs, and create competitive advantage through our patented portfolio of high-performance prefilled drug delivery device designs.

Our user centric design approach drives user preference by improving usability, safety, patients’ compliance, and healthcare professionals’ workflow. We actively work with pharmaceutical companies to customize our technology to their requirements, and support their development process to commercialization. In addition, AktiVax’s Specialty Pharma operation is advancing a pipeline of generic drug products in our devices to the Government and civilian markets.

AktiVax’s portfolio of high performance prefilled drug delivery systems is based on glass-free primary container technology. The ARCH primary container is made of a flexible high barrier material, capable of handling treatments in liquid format, as well as multi-constituent treatments that require mixing or reconstitution just prior to injection. AktiVax’s product portfolio is made up of several delivery device configurations, including prefilled syringes, closed transfer systems, auto-injectors, and a variety of prefilled dispensers.

The cost profile of our prefilled devices enable transition of more products from the flawed vials and syringe system allowing our pharmaceutical partners to differentiate in a competitive market place.