Core Technology ARCH: The vial of the future

The AktiVax prefilled delivery device portfolio is built around a core primary container technology. ARCH is made from high barrier webbing that resists moisture and oxygen transfer as good as glass. During shelf life, the drug in ARCH comes in contact with a single, safe contact material avoiding the many problematic materials associated with glass vials and cartridges.

ARCH is amenable to a broad range of drug volumes from sub-one milliliter to hundreds of milliliter, to support single-dose and multi-dose bulk handling device designs. It can be configured to store one compound or a number of constituents that are easily mixed by breaking a barrier between the constituent compartments. The gentle merger of the constituent compartments prevents foaming during reconstitution. ARCH is a robust container, drop-shock proof and will not be damaged by freezing.

ARCH drug filling process is simplistic compared to filling of vials and cartridges. ARCH allows filling after the package in already integrated in the final device assembly, greatly simplifying the Fill-Finish operation.

Between the advantageous, versatility, functionality, robust manufacturing process, and its low costs, we believe that ARAI is the vial of the future.