ARAI is a prefilled auto-injector for emergency applications. Originally developed as the Next Generation auto-injector platform for the US Department of Defense (DoD), ARAI improves on current auto-injectors through its enhanced usability, drug stability, robustness, and the versatility of the platform.

  • Ease of use – ARAI is designed for a simple and intuitive single-hand, single-step activation that substantially reduces the room for user error, and is ideal for operation by minimally trained users under extreme duress. ARAI provides tactile, audible and visual confirmation of the critical steps of administration operation.
  • Drug stability – The ARAI automatic reconstitution feature allows storing the drug in a thermostable dry format, increasing the product shelf life and reducing concerns of drug degradation due to uncontrolled temperature exposure.
  • Robustness – ARAI glass-free design ensures successful injection even under the toughest conditions. ARAI passed testing far exceeding the Mil Standard requirements.
  • Platform technology – ARAI is amendable for a range of application requirements including single liquid injection, multiple constituents injection, and simultaneous injection through multiple needles, in a range of dose volumes.

All of the ARAI design configurations maintain similar form factors and operation procedure, simplifying training. ARAI can handle several types of flexible primary containers including AktiVax’s ARCH multi-compartment blister pack, plastic and metal tubes, Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS), and plastic injection molded containers.